Mission of Stand UP Speak OUT, Inc. (click on link to left for website)

To identify and support projects which promote justice and equal rights for all people, with the recognition that we are ALL connected, and that what affects one of us, affects all of us.


Dotti Berry and Robynne Sapp, co-founders, have formed a non-profit corporation, Stand UP Speak OUT, Inc. and are in the process of securing 501c3 non-profit status.

Stand UP Speak OUT Challenge


Patricia Kashare’s article, A Mind on Fire, (in the July 2004 issue of Science of Mind), struck a chord. She said, “Emerson spoke his truth, and in keeping with his belief that honesty was more important than popularity, Emerson insisted that Christianity had fossilized!” 


Having come from Christian backgrounds, we feel that many religious institutions, not just some Christian ones, have hijacked spiritual and moral values.  This has led to dividing, rather than uniting, people.  We want to encourage people to cross the abyss into a greater understanding with one another, committing to enjoying our unique differences, and utilizing these differences to create more authentic connections with one another.

Our mission statement has served to empower our initial project, Gay Into Straight America, which kicked off September 11, 2005.  It is our yearlong journey dedicated to creating authentic connections with people who are “wrestling” with their understanding of (GLBT) gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, thus working toward dissolving the differences that separate us.


We can no longer remain silent.  An “internal evolution” has been brewing.  We encourage you to join us.  Let's transform ourselves and our world through empowering one another to Stand UP and Speak OUT.


Stand UP Speak OUT Declaration

By clicking on the link above, you can say...YES!  Please add me to your list of names of people who are committing to becoming Stand UP Speak OUT Wind Changers.  I am committing to doing Whatever It Takes to engage hearts and minds, create authentic connections, and dissolve differences that separate us. I am committed to living an authentic life, so that I might walk in freedom and also inspire others.

When you click on this Stand UP Speak OUT Declaration link, you can opt for a Whatever It Takes temporary tatoo like the one Roby got to express her commitment! 

Our rainbow wristbands are for a cause.  And it's bigger than any of us.  It's about building bridges and creating authentic connections through these colors of awareness. 

We hope our rainbow wristbands, a never ending circle of colors, help lead to engaging others in more meaningful conversations, creating a tipping point for awareness about the value of diversity of people in our world, and how we are all interconnected. Isn't it time?

These silicon rainbow wrist bands are molded with, as well as   

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