Become a Wind Changer

Ten Empowering Steps


1.      Take the Stand UP Speak OUT Challenge.  The polarization in our country has paralyzed us on all sides.  Visualize the humanity in one another, rather than be held hostage to the caricatures we have painted of one another.

2.      Purchase 4 rainbow wristbands. Wear one.   After having an engaging conversation and authentic connection with 3 people who are "wrestling" with their understanding of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, offer them a wristband. 



3.      Engage the media and religious organizations. Claim the power of your voice, while using love and compassion.  People, men and women, run both.  Find out who they are and tell them how you feel about the images they project and the stories they write/share about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons.

4.      Reframe your thinking!  Avoid blaming and complaining about "them" and reclaim "YOU!" Most people hold up their finger to see which way the wind is blowing.  If you want to shift your world, be a wind changer for those who are holding up their finger.

5.      Engage your imagination with ways in which you can change the wind!

6.      Be BOLD & BRAVE!  It takes courage to change the world.  Dare to daily take an action that scares you enough to take you outside your ordinary boxes and comfort zones.  Be determined to thrive in life, not just "survive" life. Transform yourself!

7.      See the fear in yourself or others as a "call for love," and proceed with creating light instead of blindness.  Refuse to match fear with fear.

8.      Notice your own behavior and how, when operating from the level of fear, that you contribute to attitudes that are prevalent in our society.

9.      Recognize and accept that you, as one person, can change the world with your actions.  Seek to immulate those who have shown the "power of one" throughout history. Seek to listen before speaking.  Seek to understand before being understood. Seek to inquire rather than to defend. 

10.  Congratulate yourself for making choices that empower your life. 




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