2 Women & a Poodle


Tune into the true adventures of two women and a poodle!

We are working our way across America!

TWO WOMEN -- Our Story

I, Dotti Berry, was "out before Ellen was in."

I, Robynne Sapp, was "in" for so long that when I finally broke free four years ago, I gulped a breath of fresh air and never looked back! 

Today, we walk the same path, as we embark on a journey to bridge the gaps between diverse groups, creating authentic connections and dissolving the differences which separate us.


Last, but not least, I, Rylee Joy, am the QUEEN in our family!  They can't leave home without me! I am a "healer," possessing lots of love and compassion.  I teach my Mama Dot and Mama Rob every day, and look forward to meeting each of you!

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