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As a Life and Relationship Coach, and Sexuality Educator,
I want to offer the first weekly, two hour, nation-wide syndicated radio show that offers coaching for GLBT persons, and gives relationship tips. I envision a show, Ask Coach B, that offers a frank discussion about sexuality for young and old, with Coach B (Dotti Berry) offering sound advice, informative studies and engaging dialogue. After all, you can't call Dr. Laura!

I have many colleagues, who I have interviewed via podcasts, who would also make great guests for taking questions from audiences.

I also want to address questions from people who are wrestling with their understanding regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, creating authentic connections, dissolving differences that separate us, and giving them an opportunity to become allies.   There is a deeper conversation that is stirring in America and I want to be a part of increasing the volume. 

After completion of our year-long journey, Gay Into Straight America, the initial project of our non-profit, Stand UP Speak OUT, Inc. my partner, Robynne, and I have a wealth of insight into the pulse of America.  Our next journey, The Great American Roadcast, will be our next project, kicking off in 2008.

Additionally, I want to host TV shows related to issues that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons face. 

I utilize a process called Shift2Relate™, serving as a mirror to reflect the inherent wisdom of people in order for them to awaken, be conscious and empower their potential. I want to support people who choose to do Whatever It Takes to live authentically.

My intention for the show is two-fold : 1) During one hour, take calls from  GLBTA people (yes, allies too!) regarding their life and relationship issues, offering coaching and relationship tips  2) During one hour, take calls from people who are wrestling with their understanding regarding GLBT persons; offer feedback, as well as interview leading experts encompassing scientific, genetic, psychological. and spiritual viewpoints.  I see this as a way of bridging the polarization regarding these hot-button issues, such as equal rights and protections for GLBT persons, and same gender marriage.

People seek coaching when they are tired of their efforts not creating the results they love, relationship, health and fitness, business and career.  I coach people in such a way, that when they reach 80, I hope they will say "Gee, that was fun!"  I believe this approach can have a profound and lasting impact on listeners.  Learning how to shift in order to relate to life situations in a different way, creates a new awareness and consciousness for people, giving them a fredom in their life never before experienced.

I offer a popular e-course called Shift2Relate & Attract You Soulmate.  Additionally my website,, will soon offer a Relationship Service, dedicated to matching gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons through their progressive values.  Based on matching people who have an intention of creating and sustaining healthy & empowered relationships fueled by love and commitment, this eAuthentic Love Relationship service will be anchored in gratitude, compassion, and respect for ALL.

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