Do you need someone to officiate your wedding?  Both of us (Dotti & Roby) are ordained and can perform weddings in the United States.  And, we don't discriminate regarding orientation, gender, or geographical location!  Even if you are heterosexual, please feel free to contact us! (:

If you are in Canada, different laws apply in different areas.  In some areas, we can apply for a one day authority for each wedding we perform.

Roby is also an on-location photographer, and would love to be of service to you.Check out her website!  Also, check out this link to see pictures of a wedding she shot recently.

So, think of it this way, Dotti could officiate your ceremony, and Roby could be your photographer!  That is what we call a "two for one" deal!



If you want to have a dove release, contact Karen Ghio at Lauril's Loft White Dove Release. She is a wonderful ally!  360-398-0840 or 360-739-0072.