Dotti Berry is a Consultant, Trainer, and Coach who uses various tools with her clients.

MAPP™ is the Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential. It looks at your motivational talents and helps you learn how to utilize them in your life.

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MAPP™ Assessment recommends that coaches use the Professional MAPP™ Assessment as the basis for coaching sessions, offering additional three to four hours of one-one-one coaching if desired by the client. This allows me, Coach Dotti Berry, to help you further analyze the results, and to make suggestions for change/improvement.  Let me know if you are interested in either of the following:

  1. Taking MAPP™ for only $99
  2. One-on-one coaching, analyzing the results and making suggestions for
    change/improvement in your job or career arena.


For more information about MAPP™, please continue reading!

How would you like to receive an in-depth look at your motivations and discover what really drives you?

is the acronym for the Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential, an online career assessment that identifies an individual’s motivations toward work and learning.

MAPP™ is a self-discovery and career-exploration tool that is highly accurate and easily understood. If you take the MAPP™ Assessment, you will learn about your natural strengths and then use the results to select classes, create your own job description, align with people and projects that utilize your key motivational style, and consider career options that are a good fit for you.

The 71-triad on-line questionnaire takes 20-30 minutes to complete. You must select the statement you MOST agree with and the statement you LEAST agree with, leaving one blank. Results are available immediately simply by clicking the finish button, giving you three different appraisals, each relaying information in narrative, graphical and numeric format.

The MAPP™ Personal Appraisal provides multiple views of individual worker motivations and personal traits. It may confirm and empower what you already know, or it may open your eyes and direct you to new levels of confidence. Professionals and savvy individuals alike use the MAPP Personal Appraisal to guide career moves and staffing decisions at the highest levels. As part of the new hire process, internal promotions, training, outplacement, re-organization, team building, or personal career development this is the professional’s choice.

The Personal Appraisal Offers:

  • A 30+ page personalized report about your strengths and motivations toward work and learning
  • The complete work-preference and Vocational Analysis
  • Personal Worker Analysis
  • Education and Learning Styles Analysis, plus:
  1. Top Ten Job Areas you should consider based on your motivations.
  2. Narrative interpretation of your ratings in all 9-worker trait groups.
  3. Numerical and graphical presentations of all 72-worker traits.
  4. Motivational Qualities Report - Your top 6 motivators summarized for easy  to copy and paste content for your resume.

Additionally…Access MAPP™ Match for unlimited use!

  • Sorted for you to offer unlimited job matching to over 900 O*NET job descriptions
  • And explore individual jobs for detailed career exploration in specific O*NET categories.

MAPP™ Professional Assessment helps you reach your greatest career and personal potential, based on your motivations.

The MAPP™ Assessment, which represents over 40 years of development, provides insight into how your traits can be used to guide, motivate and empower you to achieve your greatest educational and career potential, fitting your own motivational profile.

MAPP™ FOCUSES ON MOTIVATION. It does not determine whether you can or cannot perform in a job, rather indicates if you will perform. Motivation is what drives an individual from the inside. It cannot be learned or taught, this is just who you are. Therefore, the goal of MAPP™ is to aid you in identifying your motivations and learning how to use them to be successful in your career and life plan.

Unlike most other assessments, the MAPP Assessment provides both quantitative and qualitative results, which are easily understood by both you and your coach.

MAPP™ has over 5,000 people take MAPP™ EACH DAY, with over 4,000,000 having taken it since February 1998.

How does MAPP™ help you?
MAPP™ Assessment helps you identify what motivates you and shows you how to use that insight to your best advantage. Here are some of the way MAPP™ benefits you:

  • Lists strengths and talents, raises and enhances self awareness and self confidence, helping you understand how to incorporate those into teambuilding
  • Pinpoints your true motivations and helps and enhances good decision making
  • Assists in education planning
  • Creates possible career paths and understanding in how to be a more effective leader
  • Shows how you learn, and helps you to understand your communication style
  • Shows you how to study and take tests effectively
  • Describes your temperament, aptitude and vocational interests through your motivational style
  • Shows you what features in job descriptions align with your motivational style or helps you recreate your job description in a current job

In the MAPP™ Assessment there are five levels of motivation:

  1. Compelling traits. These are your strongest traits will help you to be successful in your job
  2. Highly motivated traits. These are very important for you to express in a job
  3. Moderately motivated traits for you
  4. Traits that have little or no importance to you
  5. Traits that are aversions for you Think of these as "energy" traits that are on a continuum, from positive to negative. Traits with 1’s and 2’s are on the positive end of the energy spectrum indicating that you are highly motivated to use these traits, and 4’s and 5’s on the negative end.Keep in mind that because a trait is at level 4 or 5 does not mean you cannot perform tasks related to that particular trait. It simply means you do not desire to perform those tasks regularly.

Worker TraitsThe MAPP™ Appraisal analyzes your "Worker traits" as they relate to your potential job performance. The appraisal is divided into nine categories, as follows:

  1. Interest in Job Contents
    This section identifies those tasks you are motivated to perform in your work environment.
  2. Temperament for the Job - This group identifies how you prefer to perform tasks. They are personal traits that you have a tendency to display at work.
  3. Aptitude for the Job - This section includes mental, perceptual, and sensory/physical factors that show how your mind and senses work together.
  4. People - This section discusses your roles, relationships, and priorities. These factors indicate how you are likely to respond in your working relationships with others.
  5. Things - How you relate to factors such as engineering, operations, and sensory/physical illustrate technical and craft potential.
  6. Data - This section involves your mental orientation and order of thinking. These factors cover the full range of thinking from theory to fact, thinking to doing. If ratings are high, mental activity is an important part of your vocational activities.
  7. Reasoning - These factors are designed to show how you reason and where your thinking is best applied.
  8. Mathematical - This group of factors indicates your interest level in applying the use of mathematics on the job.
  9. Language - This section reports your motivation and potential in the use of language and communication.

FAQ…What is the difference between the Myers-Briggs and MAPP™?
MB is personality based and MAPP™ is motivation based.

Validity and Reliability Information
The outcome of the Reliability Study has proven MAPP to be an accurate tool for identifying an individual’s motivations. However, the real test is allowing each individual to self-validate the MAPP by taking the assessment and reviewing their own appraisal.

Through a Construct Validity Study with the MAPP and the Strong we have found the predicted occupational matches to range from .50-.92 with a median correlation of .67. This is particularly noteworthy.

Another study, Validity Study 2, gives further details.
All three of the reliability coefficients indicate that MAPP is highly consistent over time and shows great stability in test responses. While .50 is an acceptable reliability coefficient for true score variability, the MAPP instrument exceeds standards with coefficients of .95, .90, and .71. Further details of any of these studies are available.

Please email me as shown below if you have other questions.

Dotti Berry

IMPACT Communications
4402 Carstan Loop; Blaine, WA 98230

tel: 360-305-0909

Therapy vs. Coaching

People ask, “What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Therapy is about resolving issues from your past. Coaching is you shifting and creating new solutions from the present, so that your future is positively impacted.  Far too many in personal situations, as well as in the corporate setting, are experiencing difficulty with living authentically and communicating clearly.  Coaching can help!


As a coach, I feel that this takes looking at your most treasured values, beliefs and attitudes about love, relationships, people, work and career, life.  Though you may seek coaching in one area, all aspects of life are integrated in many ways.  My experience is that the mindset, with which you have been living life, and not getting the empowering results you want, has to SHIFT!  When this shift happens, you will discover that other people seem to magically “change!”  The reality is that YOU have changed and been transformed through your own SHIFT of acquiring a “new lens for your camera eyes.” This process, in turn, opens up a new space that allows and encourages others to shift and change.   Coaching allows many who have been through therapy and still feel “stuck” and not getting the results they want in their life, to evolve to a new level of consciousness.  That is why it is effective for both the personal and corporate setting.


My coaching process involves what I have coined as Shift2Relate™.  More specifically …

Some general Differences Between Coaching and Therapy


1. Roots in sports, business, personal growth
2. Works to move people to a higher level of functioning through learning to Shift2Relate™ The CLIENT shifts “to relate” differently in order to create new and empowered life outcomes, thus transforming themselves and opening up the space for others, in turn, to shift
3. Focuses on actions in the present and how they might impact the future
4. Focuses on dissolving, rather than solving problems
5. Experiences approaching life in an undefended manner through working with the conscious mind in order to awaken and empower potential in all areas
6. Works for external solutions, through accessing the internal consciousness, to overcome barriers, learn new skills, and implement effective choices
7. Typically done over the phone, but also can be done “in person”

1. Roots in medicine, psychiatry
2. Works with people to achieve self-understanding and emotional healing
3. Focuses on feelings and past events
4. Explores the root of problems
5. Works to bring the unconscious into consciousness
6. Works for internal resolution of pain, to let go of old patterns and learn new behaviors
7. Typically done in an office setting

Coaching helps YOU improve YOUR personal and professional live. If you are ready to make BIG SHIFTS in your life, I am the coach for you.  I am not a therapist, yet I help you to solve problems quickly and efficiently. I coach people like yourself on living life authentically and communicating clearly, as well implementing strategies and developing leadership, and discovering what future path will most empower you in life.  I help you discover how to get more of what you want.

I spend your coaching session creating opportunities for you to succeed, on your terms. I communicate by telephone with you and help you to set goals, make changes, solve problems, and, quite simply, to go for it.

I develop a personal partnership with you that is very different from a relationship with a therapist; I do for your professional future what the other does for your emotional past.

During coaching sessions, I listen a lot, ask key questions, share what I see and make recommendations. But the most important part of the coaching session is the back and forth discussion and sharing of ideas. It is a collaborative process, of working together to create a solution to a problem or develop a long-term strategy for success.

I require a minimum of 3 months, once a week, when I consider and interview a client for coaching; however, I highly recommend that 6 months of coaching, once a week, be considered for the most empowering results. I have a pre-session form that I ask you to fill out and email to me 24 hours in advance in order to facilitate the potential success of our coaching session.


Fee Structure as follows:


$800 per month for 4 X 45 minute coaching calls (paid in advance) with 6 month commitment.


$900 per month for 4 x 45 minute coaching calls (paid in advance) with 3 month commitment.


$250 for single session coaching calls (equates to $1000 per month)


Note:  Many personal and career coaches offer only 30 minute sessions.  My commitment to you is for a 30 minute session, while offering up to 45 minutes if  you desire to utilize the time.  Your use of that additional 15 minutes is entirely up to you.

Any request for changing a coaching session must be received 24 hours in advance.  Otherwise, the session is charged to you.  If it has been paid for in advance and you fail to give 24 hours notice, then you lose that coaching session.  If I have to cancel a session, I must give you 24 hours notice and offer you an alternative time for that week, at a time that is mutually acceptable. Contact me at 360-305-0909 to cancel any session.

Dotti Berry offers Consulting, Training, Coaching & Education Products which help support diversity.  She is finishing her doctorate work in Human Sexuality at Widener University. Through her company, IMPACT Communications, she has authored various articles and worked since 1985 with both youth and adults in organizations, universities, corporations, religious institutions and Leadership classes. Sodexho, Info Quest Clinical, the Girl Scouts, NCCJ  (National Conference of Community and Justice), and Soulforce are some of the diverse groups who have secured her services in the areas of transformation, GLBT issues, diversity, teambuilding, and non-violent process.  She studied with Brian McNaught, called the "Godfather of Gay Sensitivity Training" by the New York Times, at the Thornfield Annual Conference on Sexuality, where she completed a special track on corporate diversity and gay issues in the workplace.  She works passionately for the acceptance and inclusion of the transgender community, saying, “Not only should they not be left behind, we must invite them to lead the way,” presenting workshops as well as groups for SO's (significant others) and transgender couples at various conferences. Her book Stand UP Speak OUT, is in process. 

Dotti is currently on a year long journey, Gay Into Straight America.  She and her spouse, Robynne Sapp, have been on the road since September 11, 2005, when they left their home in Blaine, WA.  Dotti continues to coach and consult, while Robynne left a 20 year career in the field of asthma & allergy (clinical research).  Robynne also presented at conferences.  To learn more about their journey, visit their website,   Discover how to become a Stand UP Speak OUT Wind Changer…take the Stand UP Speak OUT Challenge

More about Dotti:

Dotti’s tag line is “Born to coach.”  She loves educating through coaching, whether it is one-on-one, or in a group setting.  She began her coaching career while she was still in high school, coaching the 10 & under girls’ basketball team in Atlanta, Georgia, to the championship.  She continued coaching at the high school level in Georgia, before coaching Women’s Basketball at the University of Kentucky.  She left coaching to go into business for herself.  In addition to her company, IMPACT Communications, she also owns Phoenix Communications, a promotional products and marketing company.  That company, previously named BSA Enterprises, was the 1991 Lexington, KY, Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year.  BSA Enterprises was also the ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) Small Business of the Year in the United States in 1995.