Rainbow wrist bands

Wristbands for a cause?  We've got one.  And it's bigger than any of us.  It's about building bridges and creating authentic connections through these colors of awareness. 

Gay Into Straight America is a year-long journey for "Two women & a Poodle."  Robynne Sapp and Dotti Berry, along with their standard poodle, Rylee Joy, will offer these wristbands in hopes that people who are passionate about justice and equal rights for all people, will wear them and begin to engage others in more meaningful conversations.   

These silicon rainbow wrist bands are molded with GayIntoStraightAmerica.com, as well as StandUPSpeakOUT.com, the organization behind this project.   

We hope these rainbow wristbands, a never ending circle of colors, help lead to engaging others in more meaningful conversations, creating a tipping point for awareness about the value of diversity of people in our world, and how we are all interconnected. Isn't it time?

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