Spiritual Advisors & Allies

Our journey is empowered by our spiritual advisors, who support us and offer spiritual nourishment.  Click here to read about each one; feel free to contact any of these ministers if you have questions regarding homosexuality and the Bible or simply seek guidance or feedback. 

As well, allies offer valuable insight for each of us, no matter where you stand in your journey of acceptance/non-acceptance.  They have often traveled a path that resonates with that of many people, as they wrestling with their understanding until clarity arrives. 

Allies fall into one of two groups:

  1. This group is comprised of  heterosexual individuals who have become allies because they either have a gay family member or have come to know someone who is gay, and have taken the journey to understanding. These individuals are sometimes young (see Mavia Burke's letter), older (see Roberta Kredier's story), or even the spouse of a person who speaks on spiritual issues (see Peggy Campolo).  My experience is that age has less to do with it than we believe.  And, relinguishing the myths about someone "being too old to understand" is represented by individuals I know.  Click here to read their comments

  2. This group is comprised of thelogians who are supportive after having studied the Greek and Hebrew, as well come to know either a relative or a friend who is a GLBT persons.  Click here to read their comments, as they ask, "In a world where 'right and wrong' often seem hard to define, what's important to think about with regards to homosexuality and sexual orientation?

In either situation, people's direct experience with a GLBT person, who they love and honor, often changes his/her heart and mind.  Invariably that experience causes them to also go on a "faith journey" if they are spiritual people.