Engaging, not Changing Minds

We are deeply committed to engaging minds, not changing minds.  Our intention is to be our authentic self.  That process creates what we call the "attractor factor." 

Our official "kick off" date was September 11, 2005...visit our Events page for more details on upcoming events.

In general, we began right where we had already started...with our own families and friends, and in our own neighborhood.  As well, we continued to talk with local ministers and our community.

September 11 through the end of September, 2005, we were meeting with people who were "wrestling" with their understanding of GLBT persons, before moving onto Portland, Oregon October 1, where we were legally married on March 7, 2004, before having our marriage voided

After we spent time meeting with people in Washington and Oregon, headed down the coast to California (with events in San Francisco and Los Angeles) at the end of October. Then we headed east, arriving in Texas/Oklahoma area by Thanksgiving, where events were planned. From there, we proceeded east, and arrive in the Atlanta area for the holidays, where we hoped to have Dotti's family welcome us home.  That did and then didn't happen.  Click here for the newsletter about that situation.

Although we have scheduled events throughout our journey, we are most committed to allowing those everyday experiences of authentic connection to happen "easily and naturally," as we remain open to attracting those who are wrestling with their understanding about GLBT persons.

An example of this attraction factor?  We were in Germany in July, and found ourselves unable to get flights out of Europe as we were flying on buddy passes, which are standby.  We made the decision to purchase a ticket and fly from Berlin to London, since there were 4 flights per day from London.  We met a minister,  his wife and their four month old baby, Grace, the very first day in London. We were all together for two days, waiting on a flight, sleeping in the airport each night.  Buddy (the minister) is starting a new church in the Anglican Church The Anglican Church is the Episcopal church in the US.  He told us that meeting us was causing him to wrestle with and assess his understanding and ideas about gay people.  He told us that his friend in seminary had come out to him two years ago; when he did, Buddy told him he could not support him in his "lifestyle."  He has not heard from his friend since.   Anyway, Buddy is a thoughtful and caring man, and we enjoyed our time with him and his family.  He and Roby sat by one another on the flight from London to Atlanta (his wife and baby got on an earlier flight and I got on the one after Roby).  During the flight, Buddy continued our ongoing conversation on faith and spirituality, and asked Roby many theological questions.  She simply shared how she felt and listened to his beliefs.  We hope that our interaction will cause him to contact his friend and perhaps re-open the door to communication.  If that should happen and their friendship be re-established, then our week of sleeping in airports will have made a difference.  We would call it "Gay Into Straight America goes to London!"   The point is this: we didn't go "looking" for someone who is wrestling with their understanding of GLBT persons.  In the course of experiencing our everyday life, it simply happened.  We look forward to many more opportunities such as this.