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Media Alert...PFLAG adds weekly updates for Gay Into Straight America journey
Nov 7, 2005

Visit the PFLAG website and click on Weekly Alerts.  You will be able to follow the journey of two women and a poodle, as they offer weekly updates on their yearlong journey, Gay Into Straight America. 

Lauren Ghio, age 7, and Riley Ghio, age 10, of Bellingham, WA, have just been honored as the recipients of the first Stand UP Speak OUT Wind Changers award of the journey.  Their willingness to claim the power of their voice, while displaying love and compassion, earned them this acknowledgement. You too, can take the Stand UP Speak OUT Challenge, and become a Stand UP Speak OUT Wind Changer.  People wanting to nominate someone for one of our Stand UP Speak OUT Wind Changer Awards, can contact us.

When asked how he became so accepting of all people, Riley answered, "I decided I wanted to think for myself, and not have others think for me."  This is what we would call a "Rosa Parks" moment, just the type of action she would celebrate.

In his letter to us, Riley says, "I know you that you will change a lot of lives!  I think you might even change history.  I wear your braclet with Pride."  Lauren joins her brother in supporting our journey when she says, "Gay people should be honored!" 

And kids need to "grow up?"  Why do kids so easily get the authentic connections created from reaching out to understand others?  Perhaps it is adults that need to grow up, and understand what kids often instinctively know. 

When they delivered their letter to us, we told them, "The power of one can occur through your daily actions, and together, we can change our world."

Dotti Berry and Robynne Sapp may be reached at, as well as at 360-305-0909. 



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