E-Postcards can be fun to send, especially if you are committed to our journey, Gay Into Straight America.  Share them with your GLBTA friends (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and ally people).

If you have friends and family who are "wrestling" with their understanding of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons, perhaps an e-card from our website can be a way of making the commitment to engage in deeper conversations about how we are all interconnected, and what affects one of us, affects all of us.

If you want to join us in creating authentic connections and dissolving the differences that separate us, "Carpe Diem." Yes, seize this opportunity to evolve into a deeper understanding with one another. 

Please consider our "rainbow wristbands for a cause."  It's a cause that is bigger than any of us.  It's about building bridges through these colors of awareness, a never ending circle, interconnecting all of us. Help us support one another in taking action, creating a tipping point that changes society forever, in the same way that Rosa Parks did.  Create your own Rosa Parks moments, Helen Keller moments, and Audre Lorde moments by standing up and speaking out.

Pictures by Robynne Sapp, Impact Images.

Note:  Please bear with us! We are working on better formatting of images in their small version on our website.  The larger version that you can preview shows how the e-photo card will look when the person opens it.

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On the road again!
Please visit our website, Gay Into Straight America! Ruff! Rylee Joy
Two Women & a Poodle
America is Purple
Lars Clausen, Straight Into Gay America; Roby and Dotti, Gay Into Straight America
Roby & Dotti with Betty, our tour guide at Focus on the Family
Welcome home Dotti - Marry Me!
Multnomah Courtroom for marriage license in Oregon
Celebrate the kids!
On the road again!
Kids make a difference!
I want that band on my wrist!

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