Note:  With our official "Gay Into Straight America" journey completed, all of our future events will be posted on our website Stand UP Speak OUTPlease visit and click on the Events icon.  If you are interested in having us speak or present a workshop, click here to contact us.

Gay Into Straight America will be continuously updating and adding events as we travel throughout the country.  Only upcoming events are listed below; events that have taken place drop off this page.

In addition to specific events, much of our journey will consist of day-to-day interactions, as we travel and create authentic connections with people.  It is called the "attractor factor" and it happens "easily and naturally" as we remain open to attracting those who are wrestling with their understanding about GLBT persons, or those who are wrestling about being a GLBT person and fully accepting their authentic self.

Looking for examples of this attractor factor?  Following are two.

Click here for an example of a person wrestling with their own understanding of GLBT persons.

Click here for an example of a person wrestling with acceptance of living fully as their authentic self.

Apr 5, 2006 - Apr 8, 2006
IFGE (International Foundation for Gender Education, Inc.)
Alison Lang

Alison Lang, chair of IFGE 2006, asked Dotti to present for SO's (significant others) and trangender couples at this 20th year convention in Philadelphia.

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