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Keep informed about our journey, Gay Into Straight America!  Each week, we send out a newsletter.  Below are links to the ones we have sent since the beginning of our year long journey, which began September 11, 2005.  The most current one is at the top.  Note:  The last newsletter for this journey will be the December, 2006 newsletter, since our year long journey will be over; however, Stand UP Speak OUT, Inc. will continue with other projects.  Gay Into Straight America was its initial one.  Click here and sign up to receive our newsletter that will come from Stand UP Speak OUT in 2007.  Those who have already been receiving this newsletter will automatically receive our Stand UP Speak OUT...Live Authentic newsletter.

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Every journey begins with a bold move, and every bold move is a journey--The coming of a new year can inspire us in creative ways...Join Two Women & a Poodle, Dotti Berry, Robynne Sapp & Rylee Joy as we continue to Live Authentic
Dec 21, 2006
Canadians continue to inspire us, blocking Prime Minister Harper's attempt to re-open marriage equality issue. It helps us remember that as we continue to make changes in our lives and grow toward our highest selves, we are transforming the world.

Rylee Joy says, "I'm heading to Canada for Mama Rob's and Mama Dot's Wedding."
Nov 21, 2006
Rylee Joy is ecstatic. She has never been able to attend one of our weddings. Today is different. We're getting legally married in Canada! She is going to be the flower girl and also carry the rings in a pouch attached to a rainbow beaded necklace.

Opportunities for authentic living abound!
Nov 2, 2006
The times are interesting as we approach November elections. It can feel confusing, and yet nothing helps alleviate that more than simply going within, and choosing to outwardly live in authentic ways on a daily basis. One opportunity at a time!

GISA Podcast with Lars Clausen
Oct 11, 2006
Socrates says, "The wise man knows that he knows nothing." It makes us remember that it isn't until we "know that we don't know" that we can awake into a new consciousness, with a new awareness for how to create change in our life.

Sep 21, 2006
"WE THE PEOPLE" begins our constitution. The impact remains true today. Dr. Wayne Dyer says, "Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. But it's the same world. How come?" WE THE PEOPLE can choose to be empowered.

GISA...on a life-long journey to transform ourselves
Sep 14, 2006
The sign on a car said, "Get involved...The world is run by those who show up." Won't you join us, believing that each one of us can make a difference in our society?

Each new day is an opportunity to create and attract love
Sep 7, 2006
Helen Hayes' words remind us, "The story of love is not important-what is important is that one is capable of love. It is perhaps the only glimpse we are permitted of eternity."

What's Love Got to do with it? EVERYTHING!
Sep 1, 2006
Can you hear Tina Turner singing "What's Love Got to do with IT?" Think about it and accept that Love has EVERYTHING to do with it..with who we are, witih how we see ourselves and others, and with life and living authentically.

This little light of mine...I'm gonna let it shine!
Aug 24, 2006
Remembering that we are the ones who choose to believe/not believe what others say about us, a simple song says it all.

Zig zagging our way across America … literally and figuratively
Aug 17, 2006
Our journey has been a zig zagged path rather than a straight one (no pun intended) to engaging hearts and minds, creating authentic connections, and dissolving differences that separate us.

Allies make a Difference!
Aug 10, 2006
Having been with two wonderful families this past week, we are reminded why we are a stronger and more empowered world when we build bridges together.

What a difference a week can make!
Aug 3, 2006
WHATEVER IT TAKES continues to be our motto, as well as Roby's personal commitment, as we celebrated our second anniversay!

A Vertical Drop into the shaft of our inner self
Jul 27, 2006
Visiting Focus on the Family gave us a mirror, allowing us to “focus” on our family and our love as we approach our second wedding anniversary.

Where do you mine gold? Deep within the gold mine.
Jul 20, 2006
Mining gold is a great metaphor for the continuing opportunities, both personally and with others, as we seek our emotional and spiritual fortunes on this journey. Staying on the surface won't manifest the gold.

Losing loved ones hurts. Friends remind us of the joy of living.
Jul 13, 2006
In these moments, we appreciate those friends who jumped in to help and support us, reminding us that people and life are essentially good.

An unforgettable wedding
Jul 6, 2006
Our recent experience with the families at the wedding of Rachel Reim and Tammy Ledbetter inspires us! We are happy to report that there are parents & families who are celebrating marriages for same gender couples!

Freedom isn't means taking risks
Jun 29, 2006
Our three weeks on the east coast provided many unique opportunities. The message that continues to come home to us is that our own community must begin to live authentically in order to create the freedom represented by Independence Day.

GISA...The octogenarians continue to amaze us!
Jun 22, 2006
What do Lutheran minister Lars Clausen (Straight Into Gay America) and 98 year old Eva Gilmour share in common? Both have discovered the secrets to celebrating GLBT persons. See how you can learn words of wisdom from both of them in this newsletter!

GISA offered an opportunity they couldn't refuse
Jun 15, 2006
When you have never been to PRIDE in New York, and you are invited to go and also enjoy an evening with Spirit Cruises and Sodexho friends, you have an offer you cannot refuse.

DRUMROLL...How many miles has Gay Into Straight America traveled?
Jun 8, 2006
Flying to the east coast without Rylee Joy was difficult. Some people at Sodexho were disappointed Rylee was not with us. Though we offered them a chance to leave at the beginning of our workshop, we feel grateful that everyone chose to stay! (:

PRIDE across America. Walk the Talk!
Jun 1, 2006
“PRIDE” is being celebrated in various places throughout the world. Having been invited home to speak at PRIDE in Bellingham, Washington, we have been thinking about “PRIDE” and what it means.

Trangender connections through Esprit Conference
May 25, 2006
We often meet people and discover connections in the most unusual settings. This past week in Port Angeles at Esprit Conference was no exception.

Last year's connections continue to be a blessing!
May 18, 2006
We are at Esprit Conference for the transgender community in Port Angeles, WA. Dotti is presenting groups for SO's (significant others) and transgender couples. Roby is offering portrait photography for the T gals. We feel honored to be here.

People…diversity…connections…happening easily and naturally.
May 12, 2006
Do you believe that is possible? We do! When we are open to others, loving in undefended ways, we attract authentic connections with people.

Being part of the Gay Into Straight America team
May 4, 2006
We continue to acknowledge our great team of people who are supporting our journey in various ways. Learn how you can help with media in this newsletter. Jump on board!

PFLAG NW Conference was a rousing success!
Apr 27, 2006
Two women and a poodle were proud to be a part of the PFLAG NW conference. We continue to be inspired by the commitment of everyone, from the individuals in the local groups, to regional volunteers, to PFLAG national. THANK YOU for being who you are

GISA...You can't hate someone whose story you know.
Apr 20, 2006
Our stories either empower us, or keep us stuck. We either become self-identified with our story or we use it as a catalyst for change. What does your story offer?

GISA's last stop on the east coast
Apr 13, 2006
It is hard to believe we are halfway through our yearlong journey. We stood on the beach in Blaine, WA, looked into one another's eyes, snapped our fingers, and said, "It will be that quick that we will find outselves back home again. Be present!"

Transformation opportunities abound!
Apr 6, 2006
We are amazed at the continued opportunities we are having with folks from five to 85. This was a special week, a combination of speaking engagements, old connections, and Dotti's work with the transgender community.

PFLAG Executive Director, Jody Huckaby, welcomes Gay Into Straight America to Washington D.C.
Mar 30, 2006
No organization continues to impact the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons as does PFLAG. Some groups come and go according to the times. PFLAG changes with the times, offering a continuing foundation of education and support.

"Leave no Person Behind" is our motto!
Mar 23, 2006
As we traverse this nation, seeking to find common ground and bridge the divide that has polarized our country, we are once again empowered through the individuals we meet and their commitment to leaving no person behind in their quest.

GISA celebrated the kick-off of Equality Ride in Lynchburg, VA
Mar 16, 2006
Watching the youthful Equality Riders made us proud! What an opportunity they have to make a difference in the anti-gay policies of schools. Like Rosa Parks, and then the Freedom Riders, they are keeping their eye on the bigger picture.

Sharing our Lives...creating authentic connections
Mar 9, 2006
Can we talk? Really TALK? About WHO WE ARE and about allowing people to KNOW us?

From PFLAG SW MIchigan to a forum on "Homosexuality, Civil Rights and the Church"
Mar 2, 2006
Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual? Nature or nurture? In our opinion, this question is the wrong one. Regardless of whether someone chooses to be GLBT, or if someone chooses a religion, discrimination is wrong. Discrimination doesn't empower...period.

Celebrities, ministers, and everyday people can make an impact and shift attitudes about our wonderful GLBT community!
Feb 23, 2006
Dolly Parton says,"One thing about this movie (Transamerica) is that I think art can change minds. It's all right to be who you are." Ministers Philip Gulley and Jim Mulholland agree! We say, "Amen and Thank You, sister and brothers!"

Gay into Straight America...What we have discovered
Feb 16, 2006
Key West, Florida...Americus, Georgia...Columbia, South Carolina...Corbin, Kentucky...Dayton, Ohio...Louisville, Kentucky...Lexington, Kentucky...We have gone from shorts to jackets, experiencing the two “S’s,” sun and snow.

To Tell the Truth...Remembering an old game show can inspire us
Feb 9, 2006
Life at its best is the continual process of learning “how to think, ask questions, and examine our beliefs, rather than "what to think."

Freedom to Marry? GISA shares ways to become involved.
Feb 2, 2006
Valentine's Day is coming up and is a great time to discover ways we can be involved in Freedom to Marry gatherings. We are excited that we will be part of a "couples blessing" at our talk in Columbia, S.C.

Our Youth Are AMAZING Stand UP Speak OUT Wind Changers!
Jan 26, 2006
Don't miss reading about Heather. Only 17 years old, she chose “Adoption for Same-Gender Couples” in Florida as her senior exit project. Don't you just love the spirit of young people like her?

Gay Into Straight America...Opportunities in everyday situations
Jan 19, 2006
This journey is not about Roby and Dotti. It is about each of us as individuals and all of us as part of the interconnectedness of our humanity.

Rylee Joy attends PFLAG Tampa
Jan 12, 2006
Rylee Joy continues to be the "bridge" that connects all of us! Her adventures in Florida show how invaluable she is in so many ways!

Happy New Year!
Jan 4, 2006
Home for the holidays helped us understand the true meaning of "family."

GISA Journey stays with Kerry Pacer, Advocate's "Person of the Year"
Dec 22, 2005
One thing we know...a supportive family is helpful when you are GLBT. Kerry Pacer is fortunate to have both her sister, Lindsay, and her mother, Savannah, as allies.

PFLAG, Thoughts, Breakdown, Blessings, Brrrr… and Bananas
Dec 15, 2005
Sometimes, a simple banana can lead to unexpected synchronistic connections with people. Joe said, “I am a Christian, and I really struggle with this.”

Actress Charlize Theron named second recipient of Stand UP Speak OUT Wind Changer Award
Dec 5, 2005
It is so encouraging when we continue to see our allies stand up and speak out, particularly when they are in a position to be heard by a large audience. Thanks Charlize! You inspire us!

PFLAG continues to make a difference, a personal one in Dotti's life
Nov 28, 2005
Discover how interactions with ordinary people occur in their daily lives. Dotti & Roby are speaking at PFLAG Houston on Sunday, December 4.

PFLAG makes a difference
Nov 21, 2005
Speaking at PFLAG Los Angeles was great! Every time we speak at PFLAG, we go away cherishing each person.

Tales of two women & a poodle in a Scotty trailer
Nov 14, 2005
Gay Into Straight America journeys from the Pacific Northwest to California.

Media Alert...PFLAG adds weekly updates for Gay Into Straight America journey
Nov 7, 2005
Two women and a poodle are on a yearlong journey to transform themselves and change the world. Lauren Ghio, age 7, and Riley Ghio, age 10, are helping them!

On the road again, can't wait to get back on the road again
Nov 7, 2005
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. See how much we made this week! PFLAG website is now carrying weekly updates of the adventure of two women and a poodle.

Gay Into Straight America Journey has new twists and turns
Oct 31, 2005
Strange things sometimes happen on Halloween. So, what do you do when the "best laid plans" bite the dust?

October Media Release
Oct 24, 2005
Follow two women and a poodle as they journey across America.

Working our way across America
Oct 18, 2005
"Two women & a poodle" are indeed working their way across America. Rylee Joy hasn't yet decided what she can offer, but we have!

Gay Into Straight America's first month on the road after kickoff on Setpember 11, 2005
Oct 11, 2005
The first month traveling through our home state of Washington, and then into Oregon has brought opportunities to meet with many wonderful people!

Gay Into Straight America kicked off Septemer 11, 2005
Sep 16, 2005
Dotti Berry, Robynee Sapp, and Rylee Joy are "two women and a poodle" taking a yearlong journey. Please support us and follow our tour through the United States!

Gay Into Straight America media release
Sep 6, 2005
Gay Into Straight America kicks off September 11, 2005.

Authentic Connections
Aug 15, 2005
Following are some of the "Authentic Connections" happening in the lives of Roby and Dotti:

Latest Research & Articles
Aug 15, 2005
The following research and articles may be of interest to you.

Speaking Schedule & Events
Aug 15, 2005
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